Speech and Language Teletherapy
Services in Pennsylvania and Delaware.
For in-person & local sessions.

Patrice Gilbert, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech and Language Teletherapy
Services in Pennsylvania and Delaware.
For in-person & local sessions.

Patrice Gilbert, MS, CCC-SLP


Are you looking for help with a child who…


has been diagnosed with apraxia?


is having trouble learning to say certain speech sounds (ie. R, S, Th, Sh, K, G)?


has difficulty with auditory processing?


has trouble following directions or answering questions?


you know can make more progress than they currently are and you want a therapist who can help you reach your goals?


needs help with speech (articulation) or language (receptive, expressive, written)?


has been diagnosed with autism or down syndrome?


Who I Help

Autism and Behavioral

I have experience working with children with autism and children with behaviors. I enjoy helping the children who other providers may find too challenging.

Children and Teens

I also provide coaching services for early intervention to provide strategies on how to encourage speech and language development during daily routines and play.


I will help you with:

Speech Articulation

producing sounds correctly


motor planning to put sounds together to form words

Auditory Processing

processing the language you hear

Language - Receptive, Expressive, Written, Reading

receptive (understanding), expressive (speaking), written expression, reading


after a stroke or injury


Why Choose Me


I can quickly develop a rapport and provide engaging lessons in a positive atmosphere. I recognize the importance of setting high expectations, thinking outside the box, and individualizing therapy based on a person’s specific strengths and needs.


Your child is my priority. I will provide individual speech therapy sessions based on your child’s strengths and needs. We will work together so your child successfully reaches their speech and language goals.


High quality speech therapy is provided in the comfort of your own home whether it is provided via teletherapy or I come to you. No packing up the kids with toys and snacks, driving to a building, waiting, packing back up and driving home. Just attend speech therapy sessions and then resume your daily routine.

Faster Progress

Individual speech and language therapy sessions will give your child the time they need for repetition and practice of their target skills. You will be able to observe and engage in our sessions to learn the strategies and techniques I use so you can continue helping your child throughout the week. I will give you ideas so you know how to incorporate speech and language activities into your daily routines.


About Me

Patrice Gilbert Speech and Language Therapy

Patrice Gilbert, MS, CCC-SLP

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Hello Families! I have over 25 years of experience as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a wide range of educational and medical settings including early intervention, schools, outpatient, and homecare.

I am ASHA certified and licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware. I am PROMPT Bridge trained and DTTC trained. I have my Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Delaware in Early Childhood Education and my Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders – Speech and Language Pathology from Penn State.

I specialize in articulation (speech sounds), apraxia, motor speech disorders, auditory processing, receptive and expressive language (including verbal and written expression). I would love to help your child reach achieve their speech and language goals!


What My Clients Say

"Patrice is a superb Speech and Language Pathologist.”

“Patrice was my daughter’s first Speech and Language Pathologist in early intervention. I originally thought my daughter was deaf, as she wasn’t speaking or acknowledging loud noises, and when we spoke to her she did not react or respond. After starting therapy with Patrice, Faith started speaking. Her first word was “WOW”. Patrice was so supportive and she worked with us to improve Faith’s communication until she transitioned to the 3-5 year old program. When I didn’t think my daughter’s needs were being addressed and she was not getting the support she needed in the new program, Patrice was kind enough to attend a meeting with me to explain to the new staff what she saw with regard to Faith’s receptive language needs. I was appreciative for her advocacy, compassion, and genuinely caring about my daughter. She made us feel like we mattered. Faith and I still keep in touch with her now, 7 years later. Patrice is a superb Speech and Language Pathologist.”

Patricia F., parent

"I am genuinely thankful for her for everything she has done for my child."

“Patrice was my daughter’s speech therapist. My daughter struggled and went through a few different people before we were fortunate enough to find Patrice. Her patience and gift with my daughter was the only thing that got my little girl speaking to us at the level that she should have been.

Her progress was quick and consistent with Patrice. She made every session fun and my daughter looked forward to every visit.

Patrice was so kind, patient, and genuinely cared about my daughter and our whole family. She has always followed up with us, on her own, just because she genuinely cares for the children she helps.

I highly recommend Patrice to anyone who is needing help for their child. I am genuinely thankful for her for everything she has done for my child.”

Beth M., Parent

"I cannot say enough good things about Patrice and what she has done for my family."

“Patrice worked with my daughter as a toddler. After many therapists, it was finally Patrice who used a multisensory approach and gave our family the gift of communication. Quickly after starting to work with Patrice, Fiona was talking and we were able to understand her because Patrice didn’t only work with Fiona, she taught our whole family how to communicate with Fiona which accelerated her verbal speech. As Fiona grew, I was getting tired of fighting for services and communication with other therapists. Patrice insisted on helping us after seeing an SOS post on Facebook. She knew exactly what my daughter needed. She partnered with me and truly cares about Fiona’s progress and success. Patrice is not only a master of her craft, she listens to my concerns, she works through behaviors, she looks at my child with a big-picture perspective, she helps me identify the weaknesses that may not be a speech delay, and offers valuable solutions and resources. I cannot say enough good things about Patrice and what she has done for my family. I am forever indebted to her and highly recommend her! She is the crème de la crème.”

Jackie R., Parent

“Patrice Gilbert has been an amazing resource for our school in terms of providing personalized speech and language therapy, progress monitoring, and writing IEPs using our district resources. Her online presence was well accepted by all of our students- they really looked forward to working with Ms. Gilbert. Patrice was able to make online speech therapy effective and fun for our students. Even with our most profound cases, Patrice offered truly professional input and guidance for our team. We are thankful to have had Patrice be able to serve our students.”

Michael D., Principal

“Patrice is a highly trained and experienced Speech Pathologist who comes with a bag full of tricks. My son is 19 year old and essentially non-verbal. He has not had oral motor speech therapy for a very long time. I had given up on traditional speech therapy a long time ago, but recent developmental gains made me want to try it again. She came highly recommended from CHOP, so for the last 7 months, Patrick has worked with her. In that time, Patrice has been a godsend! She is innovative, patient ,resourceful, and professional beyond measure. She has provided my husband and me with gentle guidance as we practice with Patrick, replicating what she has taught through his zoom sessions.

Since Pat started working with Patrice, he has learned how to breathe from his diaphragm, is rounding his lips more, and is on his way to sustaining his breath and controlling his gross and fine motor movement. He is even saying some words now. Just last week he said his name!

Thank you for your perseverance, Patrice. Even when I’ve felt like giving up, I hear your words and am inspired to keep practicing.”

Parent of a 19 year old

Too be honest, even when he was at his “worst”, I was able to translate. I kind of assumed and accepted that it would be a life long struggle considering he had been in speech since kindergarten. However, with that said, I have noticed a difference with other people being able to understand him. Before he would get upset and mad when I had to repeat what he just said. Now it’s more like I’m just helping him say a word correctly, he repeats it and he continues on with the conversation. Not sure how your method differs from what they were doing in public school but thank you!!

Parent of a 6th grade student

“Hi Ms Gilbert,
I just wanted to say after he got off the call with you today he came out of his room giving me a thumbs up and told me he did good and he enjoyed his session with you! He looked so excited and happy! I wanted to thank you for working with him and making this a positive experience for him. I appreciate it.”

Parent of a 1st grade student

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Patrice Gilbert, MS, CCC-SLP

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